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African Knowledges

and the History Public*ation

Dr. Cassandra Mark-Thiesen

Junior Research Group Leader & Lecturer

Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence  

University of Bayreuth


The Project

Heightened turmoil in the realm of global knowledge production has recently stimulated questions leading to research on inequalities and relationalities within the university; between universities in the “Global South” and “Global North”; as well as between experts and non-experts in a given society. 

How can our understanding of knowledge production be shifted for the sake of a better future?

Latest Publication

The Politics of Historical Memory and Commemoration in Africa

The volume observes some of the principles that drove Prof. Jan-Georg Deutsch's research: highlighting present-day politics for the way they shape historical remembrance, learning from people on the ground through fieldwork and oral history, and bringing various parts of the African continent into discussion with one another.

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