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Luisa Schneider


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Throughout my studies and until today, I have had a great interest in global geopolitics of knowledge production and global multidisciplinary interconnections within history, society and language on micro and macro level.


2020 - 2022

Africa Multiple Cluster

University of Bayreuth

2019 - 2022

Institute of Asian and African Studies

Humboldt University

PhD candidate JRG " African Knowledges and the History Publication since the 1970s"


Working Title Dissertation: "Histories and memories of Transatlantic Returnings"

M.A African Studies

Master thesis: "The functional and formal range of the subjunctive complementizer 'mek' in Naijá (Nigerian Pidgin)"

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Tom Güldemann & Prof. Dr. Kofi Yakpo


03/2021 - 01/2022

03/2020 - 04/2021

Zine of Global Knowledges (ZoGK)

Product of student-led course "Decolonizing theory in Practice" as a think thank for students in a creative and interdisciplinary exchange

Roles: Teaching Associate & Editor-in-chief

Southern African Perspectives

Student project centring Southern African Perspectives of Academics and students in multidisciplinary discourses on knowledge production, sources and archives  


7th Namibia Research day 2020 | University of Basel

African Studies Seminar 21.04.2021 | Leipzig University

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