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Workshop "African (Digital) Heritage" 18.-19. Jan '23

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Even though 2022 is just coming to an end, we already want to announce our workshop on African Heritage in its multiple forms for the fresh new year.



The idea for the workshop came about due to the prominent debates surrounding historical and contemporary formulations of African heritage. For this matter, we are happy to bring together specialists on heritage cultures in Africa and globally. UNESCO has been a dominant force in the African context when it comes to cultural conservation, and as a result, has to some extent "standardized" many aspects of the presentation of aforementioned inheritance, think the military fortifications (or slave castles) lining Africa's coast. However, immaterial cultural goods are gaining increasing attention. This is not to undermine the national government's effort to maintain monuments, archives, national museums, cultural troupes, etc. Still, heritage workers, artists and others interested in how the past remains present in public spaces await updated engagement from their countries' leaders. In the meantime, other groups and individuals are filling spaces to facilitate these conversations. Everything from "micro museums" to digital heritage sites allows for new forms of experimentation with national, regional and communal pasts. In this workshop, we combine presentations with roundtable discussions and work-in-progress to reflect on conceptual engagements with "heritage," "history," "nationalism," and "pluralistic remembrance culture". In addition, we wish to use the occasion to learn deeply from each other's work and research questions.

Even though under progress, get a glimpse into the programme and our most welcomed guest speakers below.

Download PDF • 5.70MB

Heritage Brochure
Download PDF • 2.90MB


If you got interested, please register for the Online Event under Eventbrite with just a click on the button below.

For further questions, please get in touch with us via the contact formula!

We are looking forward to seeing everyone off- and online! :-)

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